Re-Elect Steve McCarter for State Representative

Re-Elect Rep. Steve McCarter for State Representative - PennsylvaniaI’m running for State Representative to enact meaningful change for Pennsylvanians who are still recovering from the impact of the slash and burn policies implemented by Former Governor Corbett and his current allies in the legislature.

I have made it my mission to focus on eight key areas while in Harrisburg.

1. Craft a budget for the Commonwealth that increases funding for public education and social services
2. Implement a Fair Funding Formula for public education
3. Safeguard our air, water and environment
4. Enact a Marcellus Shale Extraction Tax
5. Prepare the Commonwealth for the impact of Climate Change
6. Promote LGBTQ Equality and seek protections from all forms of discrimination
7. Protect our Seniors from Consumer Fraud while promoting Retirement Safeguards*
8. Enact economic reforms for the middle class that include raising the minimum wage, providing sick and family leave, greater organizing opportunities for labor and ending pay inequality for women

Please join me in this campaign, as the stakes couldn’t be higher for the future of our Commonwealth.


Steve McCarter
State Representative