Re-Elect Steve McCarter for State Representative

Re-Elect Rep. Steve McCarter for State Representative - PennsylvaniaSteve McCarter is running for reelection to continue his efforts to bring meaningful change for Pennsylvanians devastated by the slash and burn policies of Governor Corbett and his allies in the legislature. Steve believes cuts to K-12 education, higher education, green energy and social services have placed Pennsylvania in a precarious position that must be rectified quickly.

After a cut of more than a billion dollars from K-12 education along with millions more from higher education, Steve believes it is critical for Pennsylvania to reverse this trend and make significant investments in our children’s future. Charter School reforms must be accomplished so that our traditional public schools may rebound and allow local school boards to hold the line on tax increases that threaten some of our most vulnerable seniors.

Steve McCarter has made it his mission to protect our environment from those in the legislature who would strip our protection for endangered species and further reduce our environmental safeguards protecting our streams and water supplies. While Steve is aware of the economic potential of Pennsylvania’s natural gas industry, he is also aware of the threat to our water, air and landscape.

He strongly believes in the need for a responsible extraction tax, strict environmental regulation and protections to preserve our natural heritage for future generations.

The time has come to end the failed economic policies that have given more than a billion dollars in tax cuts to big business while job growth in Pennsylvania has stagnated. Steve believes that taxes are a shared burden for both business and the public as a whole. Investment in green energy and new technologies is needed to spur an economic recovery long overdue in many areas of our state.

Steve will continue efforts to grow the middle class by advocating for a minimum wage increase, while encouraging business to pay family sustaining wages so that our college graduates will remain in Pennsylvania instead of going elsewhere.

Pennsylvania also needs to embrace the social changes that are occurring all around us. Steve believes that we must end discrimination against our LGBT friends and family members. The time for marriage equality is now, because it is the right thing to do. Steve also believes it is time to address the underlying causes of poverty that have resulted in countless numbers of Pennsylvanians in prisons with little opportunity to be rehabilitated into our society after serving their sentences.

With the vision and the courage to battle special interests keeping Pennsylvania from a true rebirth of opportunity, Steve McCarter wants to continue to make Pennsylvania a better place for every resident.

This is why Steve is running for reelection and he asks for your support.